Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing Lessons

Mission: To educate, encourage and inspire 

Who we serve:
Ages 7 - 77 and beyond! Call us to learn more! Tel: (239) 571 - 3541


Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons - 3 Hour Individual Lesson - $300
This introduction to kiteboarding lesson covers all of the basic kite control skills necessary for a beginner who has never flown a kite before.  Lessons are three hours and start with a small, easy trainer kite. The lesson then progresses to a larger kite and board. Equipment provided. 

Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons - 3 Hour Individual Lesson - $300
This course in designed to educate riders, enabling them to have longer and more enjoyable sessions.  Students progress past the water start phase and learn to ride upwind confidently. Intermediate students also learn transitions. lesson moving through basic kite launching flying, safety, and more. We progress through skills based on your experience and comfort level. Ask about equipment. 

Advanced Kiteboarding Coaching - 3 Hour Individual Lesson - $300

Continued Rider Coaching.  For advanced riders who have their own equipment and want additional skills including: upwind techniques, transitions,  jumping, and tricks.

Group Kiteboarding Lessons and Events

Learning in groups is fun and easy. Group lessons make sports more accessible for the whole family.  

Ask us about our group rates!

How it works

  1. If you are ready to book your lesson or have questions, give us a call or fill out the contact form on our contact page.

  2. An Instructor will work with you to asses your goals and needs.  At that time they will also provide information about the best day, time, and location for your lesson. Your level of experience as well as safe weather and wind conditions will be considered when scheduling your lesson.

  3. Don't have any gear? No problem! Gear is provided for all beginner lessons.

  4. Students should expect to spend at least 3 hours at the beach. Lessons are offered with a 3 hour minimum at the cost of $300. Payment can be made via Venmo to eversurf@me.com

  5. Clients receive feedback provided during and after  sessions. We provide other resources for continued improvement as well. 

Call today to book your lesson!